Triple chairs for every need

Triple chairs made by SOWECARE provide independence, freedom, and quality of life. Our LeTriple triple chairs are specially designed for people who cannot stand for long periods of time or have a walking disability. Additionally, the electronic height adjustment ensures maximum mobility.

A triple chair is a manual mobility aid that helps people move around while remaining in a seated position. For this, they are using their feet to make small shuffling steps to move around. For people who can still use their legs and feet to move around, the tiple chair is a great option to master their daily life at home. The electronic height adjustment makes it possible to easily reach upper or lower drawers and remain independent while performing daily household tasks.

LeTriple Basic

  • Comfortable and functional
  • Solid, stable frame
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Electronic height adjustment of 30 cm


LeTriple Work Chair

  • Flexible and functional
  • M-shaped base for maximum freedom of leg movement and mobility
  • Individual options for adjustment
  • Electronic height adjustment of 34 cm


LeTriple Wheels

  • Combination of triple chair and wheelchair
  • Ideal for deteriorated leg functionality and neurological or muscular disorders
  • Fully adjustable seat width, seat depth and armrests
  • Electronic height adjustment of 34 cm

More information

Do our triple chairs not meet your individual requirements? No worries, we are happy to customize your triple chair to meet your very own needs and wishes. Feel free to contact us for further information.

All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards directly by us in the Netherlands. Our triple chairs can also be ordered directly from us. If you wish to have the costs covered by your health insurance, please order the product from your medical supply store.

It is also possible to rent our triple chairs. Please contact us for further information.