Optimal freedom of movement

You can work at your computer or at a high work table, or grab something out of a high cupboard above the kitchen sink. The work chair LeTriple provides you with a maximum range of movement.

Good footwork
LeTriple is supplied with a special M-shaped frame. This frame gives you plenty of room to make an efficient triple movement that expends little energy. The frame also ensures maximum stability in all positions. When the chair is on the brake, the seat can turn 360˚. With one foot movement, you lock the seat again. LeTriple ensures optimal freedom of movement and stability.

‘The large electric adjustment of 34 cm allows me to reach everything in the house again!’

Trippelstoel / trippel-werkstoel LeTriple

From high to low
The high-low reach of the LeTriple is unique. No other work chair has an electrically adjustable height range from 40 cm up to 74 cm! Almost everything is within your reach allowing you to function independently. LeTriple is completely adjustable: seat width, seat depth, armrests can be easily adjusted to your measurements.

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‘Because of the unique M-frame, I have a lot of room to tripple well.’