LeRoulé Plus is a unique manually operated wheelchair, which is optionally available with three different electric functions: a tilt function, a stand-up function and a high/low function. These functions can be operated independently to allow for own capacity to be used as far as possible.

Many wheelchair users face unnecessary difficulty when: reaching for high items, washing hands or transferring, when it often becomes necessary to rely on others for assistance. with LeRoulé Plus this becomes something of the past; everything becomes that much easier with the high/low setting, which can lift you 24 cm higher. The fold-away armrest allows for easy side-way transfer at an even height. The high-low function also allows you to carry a conversation at the same height as the person you are speaking to.

The (electric) high/low and stand-up adjustments on the LeRoulé Plus have increased my independence tremendously!

Aangepaste rolstoel LeRoulé (Plus)

Standing up
If you have reduced leg capacity it allows you to get out of the chair independently. With the high-low function you can adjust the chair to the ideal height to get out of the chair yourself or for someone else to assist you. This becomes somewhat easier with the unique stand-up function, which can be operated in conjunction with the high-low function.

Independent tilting
The tilt function allows you to adjust your own sitting position to the best sitting angle for what you are busy doing. Since the wheelchair tilts backwards the contact area increases and the risk of pressure sores is reduced. The tilt function also contributes to optimal sitting comfort.

‘With the LeRoulé Plus, I can now make my own transfer again and get up from the wheelchair, whenever and wherever I want. It’s easy, with just that little bit of extra help, while also allowing me to tripp easily.’

Individual adjustments
The chair must ultimately be properly adjusted to the user, which is why LeRoulé Plus is custom made, in addition to the standard options that are available. individual changes can also be made to cater to the specific needs of the user to allow for optimum user comfort.

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