Our company

Since 1998, Sowecare has been a manufacturer of innovative mobility aids that focus on people and their individual needs and wishes.

Sowecare stands out from the competition with its innovative solutions that increase the independence of its users. Due to our in-house production, we can completely adapt our triple chairs, wheelchairs, and triple/wheelchair combinations to the individual wishes of our customers.

In the Netherlands, Sowecare’s products are mainly supplied to large insurance companies, municipalities, and care facilities. Abroad, our products can be purchased either directly from us or from retailers who are working with us.

In addition to its own products, Sowecare also produces frames for X-ray equipment for Philips Medical Systems.

Sowecare currently employs around 30 people in our production facility in Almelo, the Netherlands.

Sowecare - medische hulpmiddelen


International presence

Founded in the Netherlands in 1998, Sowecare has been exporting its products since 2008. Since then, it has established a steadily growing international presence. Attendance at trade fairs, such as REHACARE, is currently increasing through our online presence via the website, Google Ads, YouTube, international sales websites (such as Medical Expo) and our extensive international supplier network.

Corporate and social responsibility

At Sowecare, the focus is on people, not only in our products, but also within our company. That is why Sowecare adheres to the guidelines of the Dutch MVO (Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs), based on the 3 internationally recognized P’s: People, Planet and Profit.

80% of Sowecare’s employees have been given a job despite difficult access to the labour market. Furthermore, we strive to create long-lasting jobs where employees can grow professionally with their tasks within the company.

In addition, Sowecare also looks closely at its supply chain. For example, we require our suppliers to sign an MVO statement which also commits them to the goals of MVO. Sowecare also applies the MVO guidelines when evaluating its suppliers.

Quality and innovation

Sowecare’s production meets all quality requirements and is inspected annually. Moreover, Sowecare is ISO 13485 certified. Since Sowecare is also working for Philips, we are constantly driven to excellence in terms of production, supply chain and quality control. In addition to quality system audits and inspections by regulatory authorities, Philips itself regularly monitors the quality of our production system.

Sowecare is a true niche player. This means that we recognize that standard products often do not offer a sufficient solution. We take this as a starting point to develop and rethink our products, coming up with customizable solutions. As a result, our LeTriple Wheels is unique in its kind worldwide.

Sowecare not only draws on the experience of its users but also collaborates with experts in the field, including occupational therapists, in developing its products. By combining this valuable input with their own production knowledge, Sowecare is able to create products that provide exceptional value to their users.

All Sowecare products comply with the European Regulation for Medical Aids. Furthermore, all materials are checked for their environmental compatibility and levels of pollutants.

We attach the uttermost importance to the experience that our customers have with our products. This does not only guarantee our highest quality standards, but also leads to constant development and refinement of our products that are in line with our users’ wishes.


Do you have any questions about our company, our corporate philosophy, or our mission? Then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!