SOWECARE develops and manufactures mobility aids with people as the starting point. SOWECARE’s unique / innovative tripper and wheelchairs allow you to function independently in your own environment for a longer time.

Sowecare chairs are produced since 1998 in our own factory in Almelo (NL).

All our chairs are custom made and configured to the specific wishes and needs of the user. The chairs are upholstered in our fabric department. The chair is assembled in our assembly department. All chairs are adjusted to the specific dimensions of the user and all options such as specific seats, backrests, brakes, leg supports and other accessories are installed. In addition to all standard options, any special adjustments required are made. Final inspection is also carried out by this department.

Besides producing our own Sowecare chairs, we also manufacture for other companies, such as parts for Philips x-ray equipment.

Our production meets the highest standards. Our production facilities are ISO-13485-2016 certified. Sowecare carries the National Quality Mark for Health-care appliances (NKH).

Sowecare is committed to corporate social responsibility, just as we demand this of our component suppliers. Sowecare originated from a Social Workplace. Sowecare’s personnel policy now also gives maximum space to employees with a disadvantage on the labour market.