The occupational therapy ADL products from SOWECARE

Help with sitting and standing up

You want to live in your own home for as long as possible. You also prefer to do everything yourself and not depend on others. When walking, sitting, and standing up becomes more difficult, that does not mean you immediately have to move out. A great appliance can offer relief, such as the work chairs LeTriple and LeTriple-Wheels, and the wheelchair LeRoulé Plus.

Aangepaste rolstoel LeRoulé (Plus)


You want to live in your own environment for as long as possible. And preferably do all things yourself, without being dependent on others. It does not have to mean moving house when walking, sitting and standing up becomes more difficult. Sowecare has unique wheelchairs that can help you get up and make a transfer. These medical aids can offer a solution, such as the combination of wheelchair with electrically adjustable tripper chair LeTriple Wheels, as well as the (high-low/stand-up) wheelchair LeRoulé Plus. Take a look at these products below to see which one suits your specific wishes and needs best.

Renting is also often possible. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Le Triple
Trippelrolstoel LeTriple Wheels