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Mobility aids

At Sowecare, we prioritize people above all else. Our mission is to develop and manufacture medical aids that truly make a difference in people’s lives. Sowecare’s triple chairs and wheelchairs are designed to help you maintain your independence and stay longer in your own environment.

We believe that our clients are the best judges of what they need in a medical aid, which is why we listen carefully to their feedback. But our commitment to providing you with the best possible assistive device doesn’t stop there. We are also in close contact with GP’s, occupational therapists, healthcare providers, nursing services and local authorities to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Our product range reflects the high demands of our customers in terms of comfort, user-friendliness, and design. We are committed to continuously improving our existing products based on client feedback and our own ongoing research and development efforts.

Are you interested in our triple chair, LeTriple or in our wheelchair, LeRoulé? You can order your customized mobility aid directly from us or share your preference for one of our medical devices with your health insurance company, care facility, medical supply store, or municipality.

Our triple chairs and wheelchairs are also available through specialized suppliers. All our products are manufactured in the Netherlands and are ISO 13485:2016 certified, ensuring the highest level of quality and safety.

Do you have any questions about us or our products? Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to being of service to you!