The benefits of the LeTriple Basic:

  • Safe work chair
  • Compact mobility aid
  • Large electric high-low range
  • Ideal for at home and at work
  • Different adjustments
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Compact mobility aid

The LeTriple Basic work chair is a mobility aid with an extremely compact frame. The great advantage of this is that the chair is light to move, can be used in small rooms and is ideal for doing jobs round the home since you can get close to cupboards, kitchen worktops, etc.

‘With an electric adjustment of 30 cm, this chair can go high enough and it is the best choice value for money.’

The use of the work chair LeTriple Basic

A safe work chair with a large electric high-low range

The height of the chair seat can also be electrically adjusted, with a range of up to 30 cm! This ensures that you can maintain a good ergonomic sitting position, including in situations where you want to work at a different height. This large seat height range is also a useful aid when standing up to get out of the chair and make transfers.

Just as on other products from Sowecare, this work chair has convenient fold-up armrests. These let you easily transfer sideways and work effectively and ergonomically at a table without the armrests getting in the way. While the easy-to-operate brake and the static frame allow you to make transfers safely.

‘This trippy chair trippy lightly and does what a trippy chair should do.’

Healthy sitting posture

The chair can be adjusted in a number of ways. The seat, backrest and armrests can all be adjusted to suit your preferences. Because the chair can be customised to the user, it allows the correct posture to be maintained. It ensures the body is supported effectively, with pressure distributed evenly, aiding a healthy sitting posture.

The different features and options on the chair allow it to be adjusted to create a comfortable chair for the user. LeTriple Basic allows you to do jobs independently and comfortably again. Providing there are no complex back and/or sitting problems, we recommend this as the best option! If there are complicating factors, we recommend considering the standard LeTriple.

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