Work chair and wheelchair in one

For deteriorating leg function or a bad day, a normal work chair is sometimes not adequate. In that case, choose LeTriple Wheels, which combines work chair and wheelchair functions in one complete and comfortable chair.

‘With this chair I have the advantages of a tripper chair and wheelchair. I can hoop and tripple and I can easily make a transfer for the electric height adjustment.

Safe wheelchair
LeTriple Wheels is very easy to ride in and both the triple-movement and hand-rims are easy to operate. Just like the work chair, working at a height is easy and safe with LeTriple Wheels. LeTriple Wheels is equipped for a huge high-low range. The seat height is electronically adjustable from 43 cm up to 77 cm.
The suspension rear-wheels make it easy and safe to navigate across thresholds. The parking brake is simple to use and neatly hidden in the wheel.
LeTriple Wheels is ideal both at home and at the workplace.

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‘On bad days I have less strength and the combination of tripping and hooping allows me to maintain my mobility. The large electric high/low adjustment allows me to work independently in the kitchen again.’