10200011 Fabric; Alicante grey10200016 Fabric; Alicante Blue10200018 Fabric; Alicante navy13202064 Fabric; Imitation leather Silvertex, burgundy13203007 Fabric; Imitation leather Silvertex, dark blue13205063 Fabric; Imitation leather Silvertex, dark green13201010 Fabric; Imitation leather Silvertex, beige13209001 Fabric; Imitation leather Silvertex, black13203066 Fabric; Imitation leather Silvertex, blue (Baltic)14203022 Fabric; leather Niroxx, red14203032 Fabric; Niroxx, green14203005 Fabric; Niroxx, blue


65200300 Edco brake65200305 Veltrom brake65201230 Brake; One-hand operation left65203230 Brake; Two-hand operation


70202914 Manual control under armrest right70202954 Manual control under seat right


49200431 Lumbar40200451 Wheelchair back; Standard40200452 Wheelchair back; Active40200453 Wheelchair back; Passive40200457 Back LeTriple with bucket seat


40200411 Backrest; High (44 wide x 50cm high)


45200421 Headrest


30200310 Seat cushion; Standard30100345 Seat cushion; Roho ‘Quadtro Select’ (5cm thick, standard cover, black)30200357 Seat cushion; Threshold30200351 Seat cushion; Standard wheelchair seat39200341 Arthrodesis; +2 cm seating height, 30° max. angle
39200342 Arthrodesis; +4 cm seating height, 45° max. angle


55201910 Leg support; Standard left
55202910 Leg support; Standard right55201912 Left stump support
55202912 Right stump support55201911 Leg support; Comfort left
55202911 Leg support; Comfort right55203913 Pivoting footrest


50200510 Armrest; Fabric (25x7cm)50200511 Armrest; PU (35x6cm)50200512 Armrest; Skai black 40 x 8 cm50202514 Armrest; Right-sided hemiplegia


25200211 Bowing adjustment


99201390 Worktop; Left folding (depth 25 to 40cm)99200930 Wheel spoke protectors (transparent)99200350 Push handels99200115 Rim wheel sleeves 24″99200154 Rim wheel opening, narrow -1cm (total width: -2cm)99302391 Worktop, half; Right folding99200116 Clothing guards25202002 Side-shift; right-side handles
Side-shift: https://youtu.be/MjQq9x-tkuM99200117 two-point seat belt